Happy Birthday Marilyn

Monroe, MarilynMarilyn Monroe, June 1, 1926 to August 5, 1962

Marilyn Monroe (Norma Jeane Mortenson) came into this world 89 years ago today. Today I want to celebrate her creative life.  When I look at her images, I see a spirit that never dies. Marilyn had an intellectual depth that few people ever understood. Her face is recognized all over the world, and women still try to imitate her to this day. Her classic style has become timeless, never marred by old age.

Today I want to think about the happy times that Marilyn had instead of the difficult ones. Looking at her old photos, I can still see those precious moments of joy shining through her eyes. Was she dreaming of a happy future, or the lead role in a serious movie?  Marilyn will forever keep us guessing.

New Article on Gifted Education

Gifted Education Resource Guide

by Mary Ellen Sweeney, Ph.D. and Tamara Bilewski, M.Ed.
Denver, CO: Elevated Educational Resources LLC, 2014
Copies: www.amazon.com/books

Gifted Cover R

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PDF Book on Energetic Protection


Free Downloadable PDF Book

by Oliva C. Hall

Energetic Protection For Sensitive Souls is dedicated to all the sensitive people on the planet. No matter what your sensitivities are, you are special, and very much needed in society. You are a natural born healer with many gifts to share. Some common names for sensitive people are Earth Angel, Empath, Highly Sensitive Person, Lightworker, or Projector. The overall theme is you ‘feel’ a lot, more than most, and you need certain tools in order to safely step out into the world and allow your own unique light to shine.

Energetic Protection cover profile

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Collage, The Illustration

Illustration from the poem, “Collage”

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Everlasting Cool also has an upcoming project, a Kindle book called, Work as Hard as You Have To, Play as Hard as You Can:  101 Common Sense Principles for a Happier Life.