EverLasting Cool Official Re-Launch

Collage, The Illustration

Illustration from the poem, “Collage”

As of noon on Tuesday, August 12, 2014, (Mountain Standard Time), EverLasting Cool is being officially relaunched for publishing (print and ebook), radio programs, and interviews. EverLasting Cool subscribers total over 1,200–but as of the official relaunch, the old subscriber list will be deleted, and a new list will begin. The About Page still remains the same, as do all the articles written on Marilyn Monroe.

EverLasting Cool Publishing is about to publish the book, Collage:  A Scrapbook of Poems, by Gail C. Tracy, on CreateSpace.  This illustrated book of poetry will be in print and available on Amazon.  Gail has been studying publishing in her spare time for the past year, and has decided not only to self-publish, but to also help others self-publish.  Publishing services can be very expensive, and an author can easily spend $1,000 or more for self-publishing, or to have someone publish a book.

Everlasting Cool also has an upcoming project, a Kindle book called, Work as Hard as You Have To, Play as Hard as You Can:  101 Common Sense Principles for a Happier Life.



Sad to See You Go

Everlasting Cool was first launched in January of 2012 as an e-commerce website, but is now being relaunched for the purpose of book publishing and radio programs.  Everlasting Cool says, “Sad to see you go,” not just to past content, but also to Everlasting Cool subscribers.  Everlasting Cool now has 1000+ subscribers, and that has been a very positive experience! Alas, because of the new direction of this website, once the official relaunch has begun, all subscribers will be requested to re-subscribe.

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A subscribers’ list can pose many problems, and no one wants to get a lot of emails from any website.  Everlasting Cool is anti-spam, and has always wanted quality content above anything else.  Thanks to all subscribers, but we ask you to be patient during this transition; and be prepared to sign-up as a new subscriber after the official relaunch.

ReLaunching of Everlasting Cool

ReLaunching of Everlasting Cool


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Everlasting Cool is about to undergo a relaunching within the next couple of months. This website will be rededicated as Everlasting Cool Publishing and Radio.   

The Kindle book, Work as Hard as You Have to, Play as Hard as You Can:  101 Common Sense Principles for a Happier Life, by Gail C. Tracy, will be released within the next couple of months.  After this book has been released, Kindle formatting services will be offered for a reasonable fee.  Other publishing, website, and graphic services will be offered, too.

In Loving Memory

mm18Marilyn Monroe

June 1, 1926–August 5, 1962

Fifty-one years ago today, the world awoke to the shocking news of Marilyn Monroe’s death. The famous actress died at the age of 36. Her death had become a media circus, with photographers bribing mortuary workers into allowing them to take pictures of Marilyn.

Joe DiMaggio, Marilyn’s second husband, made the funeral arrangements. He spent the entire last night with her in the Chapel of Palms reposing room at the Westwood Village Mortuary. Marilyn’s body was laid to rest on August 8, 1962. No stars, press agents, producers, or show business friends were allowed to be at the service. The funeral took place in the small chapel at Westwood Memorial Park. Only 30 of the people closest to Marilyn were allowed to attend. About 200 yards away stood a marble crypt, Marilyn’s final resting place.

For the next 20 years as a symbol of his devotion, Joe had red roses placed in the urn next to her crypt twice a week.

Rest in peace, Marilyn, you are still in our hearts!

Marilyn on Pinterest


Tracer Tracy has just created a new board on Pinterest, “Marilyn–Forever Young.”  This board has over 370 photos of Marilyn, some dating from before she was discovered, all the way up until before she died.  This Pinterest board is Tracer’s largest board to date.  She invites you to follow this board, and to send pins which are not on the board.  These pictures represent Marilyn the way that she would want us to remember her–beautiful and forever young.