Everlasting Cool

is about being unique, an individual, and creatively expressive.  Everlasting Cool is not about a place but a state of mind.  It is about that something special, that something so beautiful that it lasts forever in the mind’s eye.

When I first created Everlasting Cool, I thought of Marilyn Monroe.  I thought of her because we share the same birthday.  To me, she is the most ‘Everlasting Cool’ woman of all time.  My article on Marilyn Monroe originally appeared on my personal blog.  August, 2012, marked the 50th anniversary of Marilyn’s death, and I was moved to write a series of articles about Marilyn.  I was just a young girl when Marilyn died, but it was only as I got older that she became such a great inspiration to me.

Everlasting Cool is now having its 5th anniversary on January 1, 2017.  I originally thought I wanted to create an e-commerce site, but relaunched the website as Everlasting Cool Publishing in August, 2014.  Everlasting Cool Publishing has plans to assist in the publishing of many new books in 2017.

I dedicate Everlasting Cool to Marilyn Monroe, to all the other talented classic actresses, to all the women writers, historians, teachers, philosophers, scientists, politicians, artists, singers, aviators, musicians, doctors, activists, social workers, adventurers, farmers, workers, and mothers.

I have always gained such great inspiration from women in history.  I have them to thank for making the way easier for me.


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