Gifted Education Resource Guide

Gifted Education Resource Guide

by Mary Ellen Sweeney, Ph.D. and Tamara Bilewski, M.Ed.
Denver, CO: Elevated Educational Resources LLC, 2014

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Over thirty years of gifted education experience culminates in this resource guide. The authors compiled and annotated some of their favorite resources for searching parents and beginning gifted teachers and specialists in mind. Included are annotated field-tested, secondary resources, eight sample differentiated lessons and many websites. This guide allows the interested parent and teacher to save time!

The sampling of applied and suggested resources, websites and sample lessons are for the following areas:

• Identifying and Understanding the Gifted
• Social Emotional Development and Affective Guidance (including a parent guide reference)
• Literacy Efforts: Reading and Writing
• Math
• Science
• Enrichment and Extensions
• Differentiation Theory

An excerpt from the Science section follows:


This high interest interdisciplinary learning from NASA in Science, Math, Language Arts, Fine Arts, Social Studies, Health/Physical Education and Technology Education is FREE from:

Students will learn and remember the principles of flight for the rest of their lives: lift, thrust, weight and drag. Break stereotypes and introduce underrepresented populations to aeronautics. Materials for experimental activities may be purchased for a few dollars at most dollar stores. Step by step instructions will help students apply the principles of flight as they build and execute the following projects:

• Air Engines
• Dunked Napkin
• Paper Bag Mask
• Wind in Your Socks
• Bag Balloons

Students build airplanes and airports. They may collect and master new vocabulary words or compete in a spelling bee for a spelling champion. After mastering the principles of flight students may create their own flying vehicles. An awe-inspiring culminating activity would be a field trip to an airplane museum like “Wings Over the Rockies” in Denver, CO. Students may organize an exhibit for parents to demonstrate what they have learned in a flight demonstration.

Watch a WWII plane:

The gifted education resource guide closes with a summary of possible thoughts that gifted children might have:
• Look me in the eyes and let me know that you care about me,
• Compliment me genuinely,
• Reinforce and reignite my love for learning, because sometimes I take the easier path,
• Have high standards for me, but let me learn in the way that suits me. . . (p. 57-58).

An invitation is extended to parents and teachers of the gifted to forward their suggestions for effective resources to be included in future editions at:


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