The Truth About Self-Publishing

It is true that it createspace_logois much easier to self-publish a book than it is to have a publishing company approve and publish it. All of the royalties will go to the authors instead of a major percentage going to the publisher.

The writing of a book may take weeks, months, or years, depending on the individual.  Some may find it easy to write while others find it difficult to put aside the time to jot down ideas.  The completion of the writing of the book may be the end of what is considered easy, as far as publishing goes.

Once the book is completed, it needs to be spell checked and checked for grammatical and punctuation errors.  At this point, a copy editor will need to read the text to check for fluency and syntax errors.  Corrections can be made, and then the formatting process begins.

My best advice is to learn how to create styles in Microsoft Word.  The title, subtitle, chapter headings, and body text must be set using styles.  I recommend using Word 2007 or higher. It is best to start with a basic text document for the entire book which can be copied and pasted into the template.

CreateSpace allows an author to download a template to aid with the formatting of a book. Not all book sizes have templates, however, and this is where it takes the knowledge of a designer to create the template needed for the book interior.  The book cover must include the back and the front of the book together.  CreateSpace has very thorough guidelines for submission of the interior and cover of a book.

It is not impossible to format a book without the help of a professional, but it will require a lot of hours of reading to fully understand the guidelines for book submissions.  I have chosen CreateSpace for self-publishing because my books are available for sale on  As far as I am concerned, Lulu just can’t compare to what CreateSpace has to offer.

There are some websites that advertise extremely cheap book covers for authors.  I have checked into these websites, and I have discovered that there are lots of hidden charges that add up to more than $100 for a very low-end book design.  Marketing experts say that a book cover can make or break a book.  The same is true of the title for the book.

Self-publishing can be a very long (and sometimes expensive process), but it is a great achievement for anyone!