white spider by Gail C. Tracy

Estes Park 050Publishing is an exciting but ever changing business in the year 2014.  Traditional print publishers have become very competitive in selling books.  It has become harder and harder for good writers to get their work published by the big print houses.  Even the most famous of writers tell stories of how many times their manuscripts were rejected.  Who doesn’t want to be the next Stephen King or J. K. Rowling?

Print books on demand has been a big breakthrough for self-published writers, and for the creation of new publishing companies.  CreateSpace and Lulu are the best venues for self-publishing print books.  The author has the freedom to set the price, and thus decide how much royalty will be received.

Ebooks have several different formats:  PDF, Kindle, Nook, and Smashwords. There are others, too, which are not worth mentioning.

I have to say that after reading samples from well over 50+ books on Kindle formatting, I ended up only buying around 5 of them.  Most of the books on formatting had so many ridiculous, glaring formatting mistakes that it was like wading through a pile of trash.  A lot is revealed with the Look Inside feature of Kindle.  I know exactly what I want by looking at the Table of Contents.  If there is no TOC, then it makes me wonder if it is worth the money.

Reading books on a portable device has its up side, and a down side.  I can only hope that more self-published authors would spend the time correcting their own mistakes, or pay someone to do it before publishing their books.  These types of books give ebooks a bad reputation.



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