Work Hard, Play Hard

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Work As Hard As You Have To, Play As Hard As You Can:  101 Common Sense Principles For a Happier Life

by Gail Camilla Tracy

This is Gail Tracy’s first book. Gail has been a teacher in the public schools for 28 years. This book outlines her personal journey through difficult times which eventually gave her golden opportunities to find new perspectives.  She has borrowed generously from old proverbs and sayings, but has attempted to put her own spin on them.  She has shared her insights in hopes that you, too, can live a happier life.

Gail did the copy editing, book formatting, artwork, and cover graphics.  This book was started at the end of February, 2014, and was nearly completed in the first two weeks that she devoted to writing it.  It took two more years to write the last three chapters of the book.

Gail shares her insights through both serious and humorous observations.  One of the most valuable lessons that she learned from her father was to, Work as hard as you have to, play as hard as you can!



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