Cheers, Marilyn!

Happy 81st Birthday Marilyn Monroe!

Original artwork by Kevan Tollefson

Original artwork by Kevan Tollefson

I began writing about Marilyn Monroe almost 2 years ago. The first article I wrote about her was Marilyn Monroe, A New Perspective, first published in August, 2011. Marilyn Monroe is very special to me, not only because she was an extraordinary woman, but we both share the same birthday.

There are a lot of myths surrounding Marilyn Monroe. I wanted to know who the real woman was and discover what really happened to her, so I began some research. She was an incredibly sexy, intelligent, sensitive, and creative woman; she was far ahead of her time in so many ways. She was considered to be ‘a naughty girl’ in her time. Now, over fifty years later, she would almost be considered to be like ‘the girl next door.’ She was photographed by many, and the pictures captured a smiling, vibrant happy Marilyn. She had an uncanny ability to seduce the viewer through the lens of the camera.

Underneath that exterior was a woman who was very unhappy and insecure; she drank alcohol to excess and was addicted to prescription pills. I believe that she wanted approval and to be loved more than anything else, whether in private or public. Marilyn wanted to be considered a serious actress, not just a sex symbol. She had an IQ of 168, but was emotionally unstable because of a traumatic childhood.

I highly recommend the book, Goddess, The Secret Lives of Marilyn Monroe, by Anthony Summers, published in 1985. Summers gathered information from interviews, police reports, FBI files, and other sources. The accounts of the witnesses present before and after Marilyn’s death are contradictory. Marilyn had overdosed several times in the past, and she had a habit of mixing alcohol with prescription pills. Champagne was her favorite drink, but the autopsy revealed that there was no alcohol found in her stomach. No drinking glass was ever found on the nightstand next to her bed where her body was found. Her house was being remodeled, and she had no running water in her bathroom. Unfortunately, bad police work never noted many important pieces of evidence at the time of the initial investigation.

Original artwork by Kevan TollefsonOn September 23, 1985, the LA police publicly released the police records of Marilyn Monroe’s death. Over 20 years after her death it was again stated that “she committed suicide by barbituates.” That same year, a team of journalists for 20/20 spent four months (and a quarter of a million dollars) corroborating the facts presented in Goddess. On October 3, 1985, the show was canceled at the last minute. The truth about Marilyn’s death was covered up on such a large scale by so many different people, thus preventing us from knowing the circumstances of her death.

Mystery clings to Marilyn Monroe like one of her mink gowns. She is forever beautiful and she died so young; and when we look back on her pictures, we see her in her prime, smiling and vibrant, never to age. Every year on June 1st, I remember Marilyn Monroe; but much more than that, I will be celebrating Marilyn’s birthday. Cheers, Marilyn!


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